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Finnish Educational Startup Wins BETT Asia Award

November 21st, 2016 / Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia

Kokoa Agency is a Finnish educational startup who detected that one of the biggest challenges in education digitalization is remarkably varying quality of edtech tools. To tackle this problem they created an evaluation and validation system for educational quality of EdTech tools. The product evaluations are done by carefully picked group of Finnish teachers and digital education specialists. The system was recognised as an innovative approach which has won the Global Education Innovation award presented at BETT Asia November 2016. “When working as a teacher I felt really frustrated with the quality of the learning solutions. It took hours of working time to find pedagogically designed, high quality learning products for my students”, says a former teacher, Olli Vallo, one of the inventors of the validation method. “The objective of Edtech is not only to create engagement, but to provide real learning. This is not always the case with many of the products presently on the market. The way to address inconsistencies is to create a standard which becomes the reference. In the case of digital learning we made a decision to create a standard against which we can measure all edtech products’ for their ability to provide real learning”, says Stuart Patton, chairman of the Fincham education committee Hong Kong and one of the inventors of the standard. Kokoa Agency specialises in the field of engaging digital learning. It’s founded by teachers and former Rovio’s Angry Birds Learning unit designers. With the team’s special expertise it can be ensured that validated products represent high quality in pedagogy and user engagement experience. All products that have passed the evaluation process get issued with a Kokoa Education Standard certificate, which guarantees the high quality. Kokoa is now rapidly becoming the go-to company for professional edtech evaluation. This has been achieved by positive feedback from all clients who have experienced the Kokoa evaluation process. It has already gone through multiple products and the ones that have earned the certification can be found through a web service that will be published early next year.

Olli Vallo

Head of Education, Co-Founder

+358 40 757 6961

Stuart Patton

Head of Operations Asia, Concept Co-Founder

+852 6224 4524

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