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EdTechAsia Photo Contest


Do you have photos that might inspire and inform others about the use of technology in education? EdTech Asia is looking for photos of teaching and learning taking place in K-12, technical, college, university, community and non-formal adult lifelong learning communities throughout Asia with the help of technology. If you have a photo you find exceptional then join the EdTech Asia photography contest and help us to share education success stories and challenges taking place in Asia for the whole world to see. 


The EdTech Asia Photography competition aims to:

  • Promote and acknowledge various types of learning with the help of technology
  • Facilitate sharing of ideas that my be helpful to others within the realm of education
  • Highlight the diversity of learning and learners throughout Asia
  • Offer a creative platform for photographers at all ability levels to expand their knowledge, interest, and appreciation of the field of photography free of charge.
  • Provide a creative cohesive outlet that facilitates positive interaction amongst different stakeholders within the local, regional, and international community.
  • Raise awareness and action around selected issues associated with educational development within the Asian region. 

Rules & Guidelines

Entry is free and open to photographers worldwide. The photos must embrace the theme of learning in Asia with the help of technology in a manner that is creative, thoughtful, and non-offensive. Participants are encouraged to interpret and artistically express this theme in a way that raises awareness, questions, informs, or emphasizes issues associated with education. The submitted photographs must have been taken no earlier than 2018 and must not have been determined a “winner” in other photographic competitions. Submissions can be made by through Instragram by identifying your photo with the hashtag #edtechasia. By entering the contest photographers grant EdTech Asia non-exclusive rights to share the Instragram photographs on both the EdTech Asia websites and associated social media, photographers retain the rights to their photographs.

Judging Criteria:

The photography competition judge panel consists of 3 judges representing both the international development community and professional photographic community. Winners for the individual photography competition will be determined for the following classifications: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. Judges will utilize a point based rubric system to evaluate and select photographs based on the following criteria:

  • Artistic and Creative Merit – Utilization of light, composition, and/or creative techniques
  • Relevance – Does the image relate to the contest theme?
  • Rules – Has the image been submitted within the allowed timeframe? Has the image been submitted to other contests?
  •  All decisions made by judges will be considered final

Photo contest 2019 opening date and submission deadlines to be announced in late 2018. Please review terms and conditions in the Legal section of this website for details of participation.



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