EdTech Asia Progress Timeline

[2011] Local Community Building

Local entrepreneurial ecosystems begins to take-hold in Asia. EdTech Asia founding team and local community builders begin to organize frequent events highlighting local startup founders and success stories with support from both local and the larger regional tech companies. Founders begin to coordinate larger scale startup and tech events such as Startup Weekend, Google DevFest, and Echelon Thailand.

[2012] EdTech Asia Meetups Commence

EdTech Asia meetup group is formed in Bangkok to merge communities with interest in education innovation, entrepreneurship, market understanding, and social impact within in the realm of learning and development.


[2013] EdTech Asia Limited is Established

EdTech Asia Limited is officially established as a legal entity. Continued research capacity contributes to greater understanding of how to add value to edtech community stakeholders and positively contribute to education innovation ecosystem growth.

[2014] Growth of Team and Knowledge Capacity

EdTech Asia’s first student intern joins team. Broader market research within the realm of education innovation and regional database of education related startups begins. EdTech Asia community support and local meetup group size rapidly increase. EdTech Asia organizes first Startup Weekend Education edition in Thailand.

[2015] Regional Expansion of Community Network

EdTech Asia community groups are formed simultaneously throughout ASEAN led by local ambassadors as coordinated by EdTech Asia community leaders. EdTech Asia plays a significant role in the edtech startup component for many of the larger education events throughout Asia including BETT Asia, Digital Learning Asia, EduTech, Echelon Thailand and Singapore, WIEF, IdeaLab, and organizes the first Startup Weekend Education ASEAN edition with participants from 9 ASEAN countries represented.

[2016] First Regional Summit

In response to growing need for regional collaboration and interest, EdTech Asia Summit is launched and draws 300+ attendees from more than 25 countries. Over 60 edtech startups attend as well as key stakeholders from Europe, North America, India, and China. EdTech Asia begins offering analyst and research services for companies seeking interest in Asian education markets.

[2017] International Recognition

EdTech Asia celebrates the organization of 40+ events since inception, internationally recognized as the key regional edtech ecosystem catalyst throughout Asia. Second annual summit draws 400+ participants from around the globe and highlights Vietnam’s growth tiger status in Asia. Market intelligence and research capacity increased with subscribers supporting growth. Social media community reaches 5000+ followers, next annual event announced for Hong Kong in 2018.

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