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Workshops & Bootcamps

Introductory one-day workshops and multi-day bootcamps

Multi-day Bootcamp Programs

ETA BC1: Growth Hacking for Edtech Startups

Growth Hacking for Edtech Startups is an introductory bootcamp for early stage startups that helps participants understand and utlize a more data and product-driven approach to marketing and growth. Workshop sessions have been tailored to address the specific challenges many early stage edtech startup founders face and help them to build the skills neccessary to achieve sustainable long-term growth for their company. Participants will learn how edtech startups differ from other tech ventures and what effect these differences have on growth patterns and strategies. A deep dive into the 5 stages of the lean marketing funnel (acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue) as well as an introduction to appropriate metrics and KPI settings to ensure you track true “health” metrics and avoid vanity metrics will be provided. Finally, recommended tools and application techniques to optimize each stage of the funnel will be discussed.

ETA BC2: Lean Discovery for Education and Edtech Companies

Lean Discovery is a 5-day workshop that turns business ideas into specifications for agile software projects. Companies and organizations that go through this process gain a thorough understanding and appreciation of the time, effort, and cost involved in bulding their own software, the specifications and materials needed to give their agile team a running start, and an understanding for how to get the most out fo the design and development process. The Lean Discovery workshop emphasizes transparency and speed; over the five days detailed and facilited discussion about validation, target user needs, market conditions, and financial planning will take place against the backdrop of prototype building and user feedback. Lastly, workshop participants will define Product Backlog, the skeleton on which to structure there work.

One day Introductory Workshops


ETA 1A: Predictive Analytics for Education Institutions

This workshop will enhance the capacity to utilise free online analytic tools for strategic customisation of a school or university website on multiple devices for marketing and usability purposes. An introduction to the establishment, monitoring and evaluation of online metrics that enable intended goals in an educational context will be achieved. Critical evaluation of online marketing initiatives and precise indicators of website traffic and patterns of use will be introduced. Attendees will be able to make informed decisions about the appropriate use of mobile and web based analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Flurry.

ETA 1A: Digital Marketing for Education

This workshop will cover the four main aspects of modern digital marketing within the education sector beginning with the optimisation of User Experience for websites resulting in increased engagement and reduced bounce rates. Critical evaluation of creative content and how to both entice and inform visitors will be conducted as well as an overview of outreach and linkbait to create a network of relevant quality recommendations. Lastly, we will explore how educational institutions can choose the best Social Media Networks to increase brand awareness and connect with their target audience and peers. Attendees will have a better understanding of how to optimize websites for search engines, create and modify content to attract targeted traffic, gain organic relevant links to improve page ranking and effectively leverage social media to connect to potential and current students and staff.

ETA 1A: Social Media Marketing and Monitoring for Educational Enterprise

This workshop will provide educators with a firm foundation of what is and how to strategically use Social Media Marketing for improved outcomes. Attendees will engage in activities that provide an introduction and explanation of the various relevant social networks and how to effectively apply them in both marketing an educational institution as well as within the classroom. Case studies of successful social media networking at the school, college and university will be examined and discussed. Building upon careful examination of best practice, attendees will then create their own campaigns and social media strategies to build brand awareness and create new dynamic interaction within the classroom.

ETA 1A: Introduction to Mobile App Development for Education Entrepreneurs

This workshop is designed especially for educational entrepreneurs, it will provide an introductory overview of mobile application development from the pre-development and ideation phase to the initiation of actual app development. Review of successful education mobile applications in both iOS and Android platforms will be discussed prior to providing an overview of the app development process. Attendees will have a better understanding of UX/UI design, opportunities with API integration, mobile marketing, monetization, mobile analytics, user testing and the use of cross platform capabilities. Participants will be begin to understand the essentials in order to strategically plan and design a mobile application prior to the development phase.

Additional workshops:

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Business Modeling for Education and Edtech Enterprise

Value Proposition Design for Edtech Entrepreneurs

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